Christmas Card – Children’s Tuition


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$10 is enough to support one child to attend tuition for a month.

GSM runs several tuition centres in remote villages in Eastern India. In India, schools are taught at a standardised rate, so for children to excel, they need to attend tuition after school where they can ask questions and have someone assist them with their work. Many families in remote areas are headed by parents who are illiterate or have only completed primary school, so parents are not able to assist their children either. Coupled with lack of electricity and other issues, children often miss out. GSM tuition centres provide a couple of hours of tuition after school, in a building with electricity and with a teacher who can assist the children learn. Nutritious snacks are provided to assist the children to concentrate.

You will receive a Christmas card stating your gift which you may then give to someone in lieu of a gift, and GSM will distribute what you bought to those who need it most. There are several different Tuition cards, yours will be chosen at random.


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